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Chinese economy is on the rice.

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Visiting Poland two months ago, “Prince William spoke at an evening garden party in the Polish capital Warsaw… He briefly addressed guests in Polish and hailed the country’s courage, fortitude and bravery in surviving centuries of invasions”.

…unlike England, which is slowly becoming world’s biggest colony.

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“According to parliamentary guidelines, the prime minister has to step down simply if they can’t get a majority after a general election. The guidelines say: ‘This would be the case if the incubent government fails to make a deal with one or more of the other parties, or if they lose a confidence motion in the House of Commons. The first parliamentary test would be the vote on any amendment [by an opposition party] to the Queen’s Speech… MPs have to vote on the Queen’s Speech – the government must get it approved… if the Queen’s Speech does pass, then MPs can still topple the government by holding a vote of no confidence at any time after that”.

I can see now why democracy doesn’t work. It’s too complicated!

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David Beckham desperately wants to be awarded and OBE for his contributions to football, or maybe underwear adverts. Paul Gascoigne’s reckless fight with the drinking addiction calls for some kind of recognition. I wonder sometimes though, who’s gonna quit what first: Rooney playing for England, or Gazza drinking.  Victoria Beckham for her services to anorexia, Kim Kardashian for making Botox the worldwide phenomenon, Coleen Nolan for winning Big Brother doing in the house less that she does on Loose Women. I’d MBE Mariah Carey for amazing New Year’s Eve mime fail performance, Josie Gibson, whoever she is, for saying: “I’ve had my boobs and my stomach done so there’s nothing else, is there?”. I wouldn’t knight myself though, I would feel bad in such a company.